Writing Exercise

Today all the writers got together for a ‘craft talk’ with this week’s visiting writer, poet Beckian Fritz Goldberg. She took us through an exercise about writing about colour. Here’s what I came up with about blue.

You find it in the ocean and my sister’s eyes.

It hides at the edges, where froth marks the border between water and sand.

Blue sounds like whispers in the night: mothers, restless children and sleepy lovers.

It sounds like a hard-worn dishcloth over a wooden tabletop.

It is cool and caressing. Its job is to cool the edges of the earth.

Blue is pushed and pulled by the earth’s weight.

It wants to be still, but only when everything else is.

A bite of blue is briny, creamy, solid, fresh and juicy.

It smells of the soap from the street markets, the one called winterberry.

It smells of child’s play sweat and sunshine in hair.

It tells me of memories and how they bind us.

Its secret is that if I breathe deeply enough, I’ll always know who I am.

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  1. Rosie
    23 Feb 2013

    I like being blue. What a sensuous response.

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