The support for the Pozible campaign has been unbelievable.

Within three and a half hours of launching last Thursday, people had pledged just over 20% of the funding target. In a day, it had already cracked 50%. I’m starting off this week at about the two-third mark.

Pozible’s rule of thumb is that if a campaign reaches 50% with a week to go, it’s almost definitely home free, so it looks like I’m well on my way to getting my airfare funded!

I’m excited and relieved and overwhelmed by the support that’s been shown for my project, by people who have pledged money and those who have spread the word via social media.

Any money I raise over the $2000 target will go towards two things. First: each $500 over the target will give me a week off in a year’s time to work on a second draft of the book. Second: once I’ve got a second draft I’m happy with, I’ll be able to hire an editor.

If you think these are worthy enough causes for to contribute to, please pledge and help me keep this crazy momentum going!

Image credit: Money by Philip Taylor TP. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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