The End

It’s the last day of this epic trip that started at VSC in February.

VSC small

As lots of people, including me, expected I’m nowhere near finished my draft! But I’ve got a fair chunk of it and a very detailed outline of the whole thing.

The last three months have been such a special time. It’s been an intense learning experience on so many levels. I’ve learned about myself, other people, how I work as a writer, and what things are important to me. I’ve made some lovely new friends and reconnected with old ones.

Weller Farm small

I was right about needing to go to New England and Québec to be able to write this book, but I didn’t realise what a profound experience it would be, just how essential it has turned out to be.

I can’t thank my Pozible and other supporters enough for making this happen!

I’m going to keep updating this blog with my progress so keep following and you’ll be the first to know every step of the way: when I’ve got a completed draft, when I need people to read and critique, when I’ve got a second draft, when I’m trying to find a publisher.

I’d love to have you along for the ride.


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