Syrop d’Érable!

Yesterday I visited a local maple syrup operation and learned how it’s made.

First, you start by having a farm full of maple trees, or ‘sugar bush’.

P1000549 small

Then, in late winter when the weather is back and forth below and above zero, tap your sugar bush with these bucket things to catch the sap that will be bursting out of them:

P1000580 small

Then you collect up the sap from all over your farm in a giant drum on the back of your tractor and take it to your sugaring shed:

P1000548 small

All year round, you cut wood to fuel the operation and store it in the shed, making sure to keep it dry:

P1000571 small

Put the almost-clear maple sap into giant tubs and stoke the fire under them and set them to simmer until the sap has reduced to a fortieth of its original volume.

P1000557 small

Make sure your sugaring shed has a great big steam vent in the roof:

P1000564 small

Simmer, simmer.

P1000570 small

Once it’s the right taste and colour, empty the brand new syrup into a giant can:

P1000578 small

Then into smaller cans for the shops:

P1000563 small

sealing them with your nifty canning machine:

Don’t forget to give your guests a shot of the warmest, purest, freshest syrup ever:

P1000566 small

Also fill up gallon bottles for your friend’s supply for a year:

P1000568 small

Then go back and simmer some more.

All images and video by Sarah.

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