Residency Diary

It is so dry here my nose bleeds.

For the first time in 20 years my hair is dry enough to be left unwashed every second day. My skin flakes and itches. I scratched my arms raw over the first few days. Then I started a nightly regimen of post-shower lotion and baby oil on my limbs and they’ve been OK since then.

Emily, one of the sculptors, is a New England native (more or less) and has been educating me in the ways of snow. I fall over a lot less now, although I still jump in any fresh snow I see just to see what happens. Everyone says the snow here has been the best kind: all powdery and fluffy.

A couple of days ago, Catherine, one of the painters, filled water balloons with coloured water and hung them outside until they froze. She cut the plastic away and was left with ice marbles the size of softballs. She placed them at intervals along the bridge just outside the dining hall. Today when the temperature rose above freezing for the first time since we arrived, she moved them to a snowbank so they wouldn’t stain the concrete.

It’s only when I’m laying me down to sleep that I notice how my ears ring. I think it’s because my blood pressure is down around my ankles from hardly doing any exercise. My house is about 40 metres from the dining hall and another 40 metres beyond it is the studio. Walking those pathetic distances and dancing at karaoke are the only exercise I’ve been getting! Must start yoga this week.

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  1. Meredith
    13 Feb 2013

    Switch from baby oil to something like pure (food grade) coconut oil if you can – petroleum-based products won’t do you any favours.

    The snow sounds like an absolute dream!

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