Pozible Update – What’s Working

Pozible Update – What’s Working

The Pozible campaign is 11 days into a 30-day campaign and pledges are sitting at over 80% of the $2000 target. Since Pozible says that if you have 50% of your target pledge with a week to go – no matter what your target is or how long your campaign goes for – you’re pretty much home free, I’m totally counting my chickens.

What’s worked so far?

One: a modest target. This is good for two reasons: firstly, even though it would be spectacularly helpful to have more like $5000, the bare essential for me to get to do this trip is just the airfare, so I made that my target.

Secondly, one of the things Pozible says is that people like about pledging is seeing their contribution making a difference. So if the target is small, they can literally see the difference they’re making when the progress bar visibly moves along.

Screen shot from the campaign page

Two: An awesome video. I take about 2% of the credit for how awesome this video is. The rest goes to Elroy for shooting, lighting, directing, animating, finding music, editing, and whatever else people do to video to make people respond to it.

Three: An online presence. I use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The key with social media is to respect each one’s unique purpose. On Twitter you can post every half an hour – just not about the same thing. On Facebook, two or three times a day is about right, also not always about the same thing. And LinkedIn is more like five times a week. I also set up a Facebook page for the book project, not just the campaign, plus this website with all the information anyone could want to know about the project (that I’m happy to make public!), and the blog to keep things fresh and track my progress.

Four: Using my networks. I spend a lot of time and energy maintaining a network of cool people who appreciate my projects. (They don’t all work in the arts either, which is handy when you’re asking for cash.) The day before I began the campaign, I spent about six hours emailing the influential people in those networks asking if they could lend their support via their social media. They all did.

The finally, but most importantly, because it enabled me to do all the rest: PLANNING. Planning, planning, planning. I’ve been thinking about this project for over ten years. I’ve been thinking about this Pozible campaign since Pozible was invented two years ago. I locked in dates about six months ago.

Think lots, then plan lots. Take your time. If your project is important, there’s no rush.

Images: Time is money, Planner Page with Pencil

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