Pozible Campaign: The Reboot

Pozible Campaign: The Reboot

Ten days to go on the crowdfunding campaign and the target has been reached. I knew I’d reach it but I didn’t think it would be this fast.


As inadequate as this sounds, it has to be said:


Thank-you to everyone who has pledged so far. Thank-you to those who have tweeted, Facebooked and emailed to their networks.

You have given me my airfare. I can get to my VSC residency. I’m ecstatic.

Now that 65 people have shown the world that they think getting me to America and Canada is a good idea, I’m inspired. There are a lot of other costs left for people to invest in 😉

If you’ve watched my video, you know I have some savings to fund the trip, but as the tired jokes tell us, being a writer is not a path strewn with riches.

If each of my 65 supporters got a friend to donate $35 – about a dinner or a nice bottle of wine – I’d have just about enough for the rest of the residency fee ($2300). If those friends could only swing $25 each, it would pay for airport transfers and inter-city travel (~$1400).

And if they could only part with $5 or $10, they would still be able to give me access to libraries, museums and historical societies (~$500).

So, if you know anyone who might have a spare few bucks to fund creativity, send them my way.


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