Packing! (?!)

One of the biggest challenges in preparing for the trip is my complete lack of experience with serious cold. Looking in my wardrobe before, I have absolutely no idea what clothes to pack.

Weather I’m used to

In February at the VSC it will be absolutely freezing – never above zero and often below minus 20. If I have thermals on underneath and proper boots can I wear skirts and leggings everywhere like I do here? Is it worth taking normal jeans or will I need some sort of super cold-resisting waterproof trousers?

Weather where I’m going

I also keep forgetting that the weather will get warmer while I’m away. In March in the Eastern Townships will be -13°C to zeroish and Lewiston -5°C to 5°C, possibly still a little bit of snow, maybe some rain. New York City in April is supposed be gorgeous – 5°C to 17°C – so by then I’ll be able to wear what I usually do in spring in Melbourne or winter in Brisbane.

The coldest I’ve ever experienced is about minus five. So seriously you guys, how do I get dressed in Vermont?

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