Next Phase!

Spending the month in Vermont was amazing—surrounded by cool people and beautiful scenery, having meals and bottomless coffee provided, a bedroom, bathroom, a work space in which to write, and a view of a frozen river out the window.

The month at VSC accomplished what I hoped it would: kick starting me on this book and this writing life. I think if I’d travelled a bit before the residency, I would have slid into my usual travel mode where I do very little other than wandering, eating, taking photos and writing postcards.

I’ve found a vague routine now: up mid-morning to go wandering and/or playing on the internet, writing for the afternoon, then dinner and maybe more writing after that. It’s beyond awesome to have almost nothing to work writing in around, and just work when it feels natural. Which is not to say I don’t have to discipline myself to start and keep on, but it’s like being able to exercise when you want to rather than having to get up and do it before work.

Now I’m in Lewiston, Maine where the story actually starts! On the way into town, I was thinking ‘Well I hope this is just the ugly side of town’ and then caught a glimpse of what I think were the old mill buildings and got so excited I nearly jumped through the window!

It started snowing as we arrived and already nearly a foot has collected on the path outside the house. If I can, tomorrow my plan is to go to the Bates University and the Bates Mill site. Other places I want to visit are the Lewiston Public Library, Lewiston-Auburn Magazine‘s headquarters, and the Androscoggin River in general.

Then, of course, back to the house to write for the afternoons 😉

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