This post originally appeared on my blog Opinionate in July 2011.

The next step in my plan for writing this book based on my grandma’s family is to spend a few months in the USA and Canada pounding out a first draft. I can’t in good conscience write about a place unless I know what it smells like and how the air feels. Reading and photos and videos will only get you so far.

So far I’ve found three potential sources of funding and other sources of support, like Bates University in Maine, the Franco-American Women’s Institute, the Festival International du Conte du Quebec, WWOOF Canada, and a bunch of writers’ and artists’ residencies.

I don’t know when I’m going to have time to really organise this trip (it’s going to be pretty epic), and it feels a bit odd to be thinking about next year’s trip when I’m about to leave for Europe, but I’m hoping I’ll get to do it sometime between coming home from France and Christmas.

So far I’ve got a budget in a spreadsheet and a folder full of bookmarks in my web browser. It’ll all come together, right?

Image credit: Google’s master plan by Steve Jurvetson under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
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  1. Mello
    7 Jul 2011

    Sure will!

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